Supporting NJ legislation to warn drivers of speed traps

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New Jersey Assemblyman Ron Dancer (R-Ocean County) has introduced a bill to make it legal to flash headlights to warn of a police speed trap. Dancer believes it is “free speech”, do you? The debate has begun and naturally the police in general are against the legislation (KYW-1060 news report). The speed traps and their real purpose, to raise revenue for the towns and cities across the state? That answer is we all should know is YES. Making the argument of public safety nonsense. Hiding, sitting back off the road like criminals, laying in wait for the unsuspecting “speeder” to raise revenue and ruin the day […] Read more »

Volkswagen wants a UNION, anti-union groups crying!

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Citing anonymous sources the Center for Worker Freedom claims Volkswagen is prepared to throw out the results of the union election and allow the union to come in. The CWF executive director is calling this a ”contempt for the democratic principles itself” Just to remind everyone that these so-called democratic principles had plenty of contempt directed at prior to the union vote. When Senator Corker and plenty of other politicians misled and some might even say threatened the livelihood of these workers if a “yes vote” for the union was made. What happened to the Republican theme of staying out of […] Read more »

Economic reality and unemployment


The most recent unemployment number, 6.7% nationally, unchanged from the previous month. Among Millennials the number stands above 15%. One of the “news” pieces on Fox this morning was on how those in the 15% who favored President Obama have been failed by him (The Young Vote). Has the President failed the youth of America? Or, has and IS America failing the youth and for that matter everyone? The Great Recession, does Fox and everyone else remember this devastating economic event? I certainly do and the lasting effects of the GR is seen in these numbers and will continue to […] Read more »

Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) to run in 2016?


“Change” overused in politics and most, if not all times a lie. Yet it is a word that we the voters tend to perk our ears up at and pay attention. So when I heard Bernie Sanders stated to The Nation on March 6, 2014 he was “prepared to run for President of the United States in 2016″, the first word that came to my mind was change. Sanders would be a huge departure from the norm of presidential hopefuls. For one Sanders is popular! Popular with his constituency Sanders was reelected in 2012 with 71% of the vote. This doesn’t mean his state popularity will […] Read more »

Christie cleared in taxpayer funded in Bridgegate?

Governor Christie has been cleared by his own “team” of lawyers. In the taxpayer funded (announced at $1million) investigation it was stated that “his hands are clean” in the scandal that snarled traffic and more importantly putting lives at risk. The Democratic Legislature is doing an investigation of their own. Will they discover a different result? Will they interview former staff involved unlike Christie’s team of lawyers? Do you buy the investigation? I certainly don’t! Share & Defend the Middle Class! Hide Sites Read more »

Obama’s retirement proposal will do little to change the workers future

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In January 2014′s State of the Union address, President Obama proposed new-government-sponsored savings accounts. Aiming these accounts at America’s workers who do not have access to a 401-k plan. “Providing a new way for working American’s to start their own retirement savings” President Obama. Under the proposal workers could have part of their pay deducted for deposit into an account that would invest in U.S. Government Bonds. The accounts would be treated as Roth Individual retirement accounts. The plans would be through The Treasury Department and have a maximum balance of $15,000. Once this balance is reached the monies would […] Read more »

Will you ever retire?

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It’s all in the numbers and the numbers indicate that many Americans are delusional. A recent study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute states, “that 36% of workers have $1000.00 saved for their retirement.” Down 8% from last years survey. Although as a whole the thoughts of retirement are improving with 18% saying they are very confident, up 5% from 2013. Confidence and reality, the 36% who have a grand in their retirement savings certainly cannot be part of the 18% who are very confident, can they? Reasons for being in the 1-grand club, the cost to live. This is […] Read more »

Record snowfall prompts New Jersey bill to protect workers

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After record amounts of snowfall in New Jersey this winter and many lost sick, vacation and personal days a bill has been introduced to protect workers. Senator Barnes (D-Middlesex) has proposed legislation preventing employers from requiring NJ employees from using sick, vacation and personal time when a state of emergency is called. Recalling many of the poor road conditions during this winter, Barnes believes workers should be able to make their own decisions on travel without fear of retribution or loss of sick/vacation or personal time. Exempt from the bill, police, fireman and other public safety employees. Employers who violate […] Read more »

Its time for a tax-break, cut the federal gas tax

Gas prices decline in April 2012

Is it time for a tax-break? Our new economy created by the Great Depression has left many American’s struggling. We also have been left with a divided country, the 99% versus the 1%. Taxes and who is paying, has been covered on a regular basis in all forms of our media. Tax-breaks for corporations draws the ire of many and the tax-breaks that draw my ire, big oil. When will the majority (the 99%) get a tax-break? And not some temporary amount to be taken away (reduction in Social Security payroll). What never seems to be discussed, the gasoline tax. The federal […] Read more »

Labor participation rate, Fox News favorite


Framing to mislead, this Fox News does successfully day in and day out. On the unemployment front and the slowly declining unemployment rate 6.7% Fox has been throwing in the labor participation rate. 63% of eligible workers are actually working so says Fox. “The lowest labor participation rate ever.” What factors make this number? The eligible worker. And who is the eligible worker? Anyone who is under the age of retirement (social security). As we know that over the years the age of being able to start collecting on Social Security has increased. So this would also add to the number of people […] Read more »

The Ukraine crisis, U.S. needs the Keystone Pipeline?

North East refinery closures

The United States, weak on defense? Russia’s occupation of the Ukraine has the right-wing media again hammering away at President Obama’s lack of action. The view’s of the right, nothing new and just a different country. The Ukraine, Syria or Iran, the right desires strong action and that action would be war or flexing our muscles? Being just the average citizen, my thoughts would be why should we go to war or spend billions on European defense systems. War, sanctions against Russia or “energy independence” (Fox throws that in as an option against Russia). There are no answers that would change the […] Read more »

Prosperity, illegal immigration, our future

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Illegal immigration how does the United States fix the problem. The Dream Act or the newer DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has opponents, most notably Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. In 2012 Brewer responded to DACA barring drivers licenses, state subsidized child care, health insurance, unemployment and other state benefits. We have heard all sides chime in and the divide in Congress on illegal immigrants and the lack of a solution is hurting our economy and our future. A 2010 Congressional Budget office report projects budget deficits to increase by $5 billion under the Dream Act. While the Center of American […] Read more »

Philadelphia Council taking on gifts

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The value of ‘gifts’, Philadelphia City Council was recently debating this in committee. The new potential value on gifts that can be accepted by elected or job elected employees $99 if the measure is passed. A clip of the hearing (1060 am) had Councilman Jim Kenney stating,  “what if I get 4 Eagles tickets and give them away to Nuns who help the homeless?” Wow a question meant to move the opposition! I wonder how many Nuns in Philly are getting gifts from Councilman? The potential cap of $99 is far too high for any elected official in Philly or for […] Read more »

Raising the Federal minimum wage, New Jersey is the truth meter


Raising the minimum wage will cause job losses! This the fear statement coming from the Right-Wing and their media mouthpiece Fox News. In November, New Jersey voters overwhelmingly approved raising the minimum wage in the state to $8.25 an hour (with cost of living). So to accept the “fear statements” from the Right-Wing as fact, one would think that employers across New Jersey would shed jobs moving into the New Year. What we saw was not the exodus to the unemployment office. December saw New Jersey’s unemployment rate decline to 7.3%, lower by .5%. This the second largest one month […] Read more »

Politicians, the media and the lies we believe


Lies, how can “WE THE PEOPLE” sniff out the bull that comes out of politicians and the media (FOX) who serve them. The loudest/consistent, seem to prevail far too often. We can view the recent Volkswagen union vote as the most recent example of how misinformation stated loudly and often wins. From the Tennessee Governor to Senator Corker (whose statements on investment in VW were lies proven by VW officials) We the People cannot continue to accept this insidious behavior by those elected to represent us. It all begins with money and how this money influences what comes out of the politician’s pie […] Read more »